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EXPO – 26-28 of September 2018


Smarttech Partners is a series of industry focused ITC and Smart Technologies Exhibitions.

The first edition will focus on Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing  as well as Trade, Retail and eCommerce.
SMARTTECH Partners will showcase latest technology trends, visionary speaker sessions with industry leaders and industry insights.



SMARTTECH Partners EXPO is an advocate for partnerships and an engine for innovation. It enables businesses to grow and scale their reach by accessing partnership opportunities and latest innovative technology application.

SMARTTECH Solutions – the future in an automated world

SMARTTECH Solutions enable technology businesses to grow and scale their reach by accessing leading technologies opportunities with focus on full connection of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality with machines, products and processes in smart industrial factories and environments.

Key Industries

Logistics & Transportation

Consumer driven economies drive the logistics and transportation sector growth. Newest technology vendors help TTL (Trade, Transport and Logistics) providers cope with the ever growing demand.

Retail & eCommerce

A holistic buyers experience through AR and visualisation software has almost become standard in eCommerce and Retail business models.

Infrastructure & Smart Cities

Tackling the global issue of overpopulated cities – infrastructure technology enables frictionless habitation environments.


Expected Audience

Exhibiting Companies

Interactive Workshops

Industry Leading Speakers

Central and east European Countries refocus their economies around knowledge-based industries and have become europe’s technology hub.

Financial Times

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